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The selection of the correct type of engine intake and exhaust silencer is determined by the connection sizes, the end of the engine, and the degree of silencing required.

Normally the standard chamber type silencer with offset tubes installed in the internal baffels is adequate. However, when special requirements control the selection of the type of silencer, such as spark arrestment for marine applications, or low pressure drop for the two cycle turbocharged engines, standard models are available that incorporate these parameters.

The selection of silencer size is normally controlled by the pressure drop across the silencer permitted by the engine manufacturer. Silencer pressure drop can be accurately determined, and if required, so can the silencer entrance or exit pressure drop.

Various degrees of silencing are available in standard models incorporating the above requirements. Special performance can be designed into exisiting models upon request.


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silencer applications silencer series
Chamber Engine Silencers (Engine intake and exhaust) Series: E12, E12H, E13, E13H, E14, E14H, E15, E15H
Resonator Silencers (Low pressure drop silencers for turbocharged engines) Series: E31, E33
Spark Arresting Silencers (for marine applications and areas where fire hazards may exist) Series: E50, E52, E53, E54, E55
Low Profile Silencers Series: E61, E62, E63
Canister Silencers Series: E91
Intake Filters Series: F11, F21, F22, F41, F42
Accessories Vertical Mounting Brackets, Horizontal Mounting Brackets, Rain Caps
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Typical attenuation curves are representative of the amount of dynamic attenuation (insertion loss) expected with the respective silencer.

The final performance of a silencer may vary as it is dependent upon the frequency and intensity of the unsilenced noise. Attenuation curves are accurate only for airborne noise, having no bearing on structure-borne or pipe radiated noise upstream of silencer.

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spark arresting silencers
Spark Arresting Silencers
Series: E50, E52, E53, E54, E55
chamber engine silencers
Chamber Engine Silencers
Series: E12, E12H, E13, E13H, E14, E14H, E15, E15H
resonator silencers
Resonator Silencers
Series: E31, E33
low profile silencers
Low Profile Silencers
Series: E61, E62, E63
canister silencers
Canister Silencers
Series: E91
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