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E53 Series Silencer

E53 Series
Spark Arresting Silencers

The E53 Spark Arrestor Silencer are recommended for use on the exhaust of engines employed in marine applications or areas where fire hazards may exist. The spark arrestor silencer removes burning carbon particles from the exhaust gas going to the atmosphere. The E53 is a multi-chamber residential grade spark arrester silencer.

The E53 Silencer incorporates a unique device which creates a rotational force that directs the sparks toward the silencer wall and into the carbon trap. The remaining exhaust gas then passes through the perforated tubes and silencing chamber to the atmosphere. The silencer is designed for horizontal or vertical installation.

Robust all-welded steel construction for long service life. Exterior painted with high quality black heat resistant coating. Flanges drilled to match 125lb. American Standard Flanges.

Equivalent to GT Exhaust Legacy 202-4100, Maxim MSA2, and EM Products SRU series silencers

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E53 Series Silencer E53 Series Silencer E53 Series Silencer
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tlc Specifications for the E53 Series trc
  E53 Typical Attenuation Curves
TL [dbA]= [23-29]

E53 Part No.   Model   A B C
553-SSI-104   E53-04   4 14 46
553-SSI-105   E53-05   5 16 52
553-SSI-106   E53-06   6 18 65
553-SSI-108   E53-08   8 22 75
553-SSI-110   E53-10   10 26 91
553-SSI-112   E53-12   12 30 108
553-SSI-114   E53-14   14 36 100
553-SSI-116   E53-16   16 42 107
553-SSI-118   E53-18   18 42 143
553-SSI-120   E53-20   20 48 157
553-SSI-122   E53-22   22 54 160
553-SSI-124   E53-24   24 60 164
Note: Dimensions are in inches
  • Information on side entry ("H" configuration) silencers available on request.
  • Larger sizes available upon request.
  • We specializes in custom design silencers.

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